What is electric fencing

Electric fence is a defense, and prevent invaders coming in place of using electricity flowing through the wire is held in about six lines by the electrons flow through the wire every 1 second. If anyone tries to invade or to touch the wire it will cause shock or burn, but the skin will not cause any harm. And no sparks with (unless they are deliberately disturb electric fences by keeping the wire two lines touch, it is sparking small, very short, not exceeding 5 mm, similar to the way light plug, but shorter and takes only 0.03 seconds. only the wire with wire), which from past experience, I have never found an electric fence that prevents theft through the IEC exposed to injury or cause any serious harm. Even small animals such as cats or rats, but found they were not injured by electric fence system with IEC, but somehow I can see from the shock and ran out. Some trees and walls, plaster or even a pillar supporting a wire fence. All customers can water the plants normally because the electric fence will not run through the garden, come and have a chance to leak out from the wire, even when it rains, it makes you feel that there is no current flowing out of the line. exact wire So you can touch the wall as usual, even in the rain it unless you touch the wire down trees in the rain causes the leakage current flowing through the trees of the earth, but if you hold the can be obtained. aware voltage electric fence is very slight, but as some of you may not feel it, because electrons flow through the soil first. However, if the loss of trees or other symptoms until the machine detects that the current flowing back to the machine too. The machine will signal the siren call away to safety.

Why electric fence

Because there are no obstructions to the equivalent of an electric fence. When we want to ensure that intruders can not enter the site. Which we do not want Not just the attackers are faced with obstacles to clear. Deterrent to violent crime Electric fences are not only clear the fence. But it also serves as a warning sign. That work immediately Electric fences are monitored continuously. And ordered an alarm if an intrusion or interference. Not just the attackers faced with obstacles that appear. They have to think about the dangers of high voltage. But in fact, The machine will release electric muscle spasms or simply pushed away from the fence. To help deter intruders come into our place. Electric fences are not only acts as a barrier appear clearly. But it also serves as an early warning system. Electric fences are necessary for homeowners and business owners should be provided to prevent intruders and your property. The electric fence is both effective security. And peace of mind to users with no harm and no pollution to the environment.

Standard electric fence

Electric fences should be fences are strong and last for a long time, so its electric fences Thailand recognizes full well that the electric fence should made from STAINLESS STEEL 304, which is strong and durable, the climate is favorable. In general, the guest was always known properties of stainless steel. It has never been done before in Thailand because of the high cost of most steel poles are then sent to a different color. As for the height of the fence. It should have a height of 60 cm, a height of floor to crotch. If the height is less than 60 cm, it will make intruders nine cross into easily and should have a wire not less than 6 lines to prevent the gap is too wide and the attacker cocked wire then invaded by the system. Electric fence wire is a system for cocking it, if intruder pull wire or wire to touch the system will sound an alarm call. The porcelain insulator supporting a wire, it should be resistant to the current environment, companies opt for a cup of Super Strong double-pole 2 mounting holes

STAINLESS STEEL304 which is used in conjunction with a pole width of 1 inch square and 1 mm thick. For customers that need the most strength. Machine's discharge would have IEC and should have battery backup in case of power failure, the company's current electric fences Thailand. But the machine is available with a choice of standard IEC only Used JVA (AUSTRALIA).

Electric fences work is divided into two parts: 1. The Energizer. The inverter from AC power. (The general house fire) and then converted to DC. Waves changing to high-voltage wire. Installed along the fence of a shock. The Energizer machine that has been developed for the purpose of making. Electric fence alarm I can not cause injury to people or pets. The shock of electricity just 0.01 seconds in 1 second to 1 shot, so it's not as common a household AC electricity used by a typical home. In the event of a shock, because alternating current leakage or electric shock. Those with electric shock can be fatal. Electric fence, but it As with a DC - turn off all the time, so the electric fence. We can not harm people or pets to get hurt.


The benefits of electric fencing

• Easy installation on existing wall or fence, or a single installation within the existing fence line.
• It is clear that hurdle, the time of the invasion, delay or change the target.
• the attacker spasm of power and does not want to come out again.
• act as a psychological barrier to deter intrusion attempts.
• Have the ability to detect advanced. If the attacker will try to raise the alarm.
• Easy to maintain
• Easy to use
• Reduce the cost of personal safety.

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